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Republicans release their replacement for the ACA, hilarity ensues.

So house republicans revealed their plan to replace the ACA. They’re calling it the American Healthcare Act. Personally, I’m calling it a steaming pile of horse manure. It’s total crap. The AHA will cause 24 million people to lose their healthcare. It is estimated that 17 thousand people may die in the first year alone […]

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This Video Absolutely Destroys Donald Trump and Makes Him Look Like an Idiot

An advertisement by Principles PAC. Principles PAC is/was an anti-Donald Trump super PAC founded by Katie Packer, a former aide to Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. The video shows just how much of a lie Donald Trump is.  It’s every time time Trump expressed his non conservative views.  He’s just one big fabrication by the Alt […]

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So much is happening it truly is hard to keep up.

So far in the 4th week with popular vote loser Donald J Trump as president a whole lot has happened. Let’s start with the easy stuff. Director of National Intelligence Michael Flynn resigned amidst mounting evidence that he not only violated the Logan Act of 1799 which prohibits private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. […]

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