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This Video Clip Will Make You Want to Rescue Melania Trump

A video clip from Donald Trump’s crap shoot of an inauguration has recently hit the Internet, and it looks like all of us people with actual brains that voted for Hillary Clinton aren’t the only ones that were devastated by who was chosen to be our new future President. That’s right, the video features Melania […]

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Here's 15 Warning Signs of an Impending Tyrant That Trump Fits Into Perfectly

Leading political pundit Robert Reich has come out and made a list of the 15 warning signs of an impending Tyranny, which is all because he, along with many others, have noticed that our future President Donald Trump fits into pretty much every single one of those. Robert, as you might know, has served alongside both […]

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Bernie Sanders Calls Donald Trump Out on His Hypocrisy on Twitter

After President-elect Donald Trump posted yet another terrible thing on Twitter, everyone’s favorite old man Bernie Sanders, has finally spoken up against the nonsense, and has completely called him out on being a total hypocrite. Yes, the battle has begun, and we can’t wait to see the bloodshed begin! massive increases of ObamaCare will take […]

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