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Obama Shows Trump How The President is SUPPOSED to Use Twitter

President Obama has finally shown Donald Trump how a TRUE President should act when ushering in the new year, and on the President-Elect’s favorite platform: Twitter. Every post that was made was polite, professional, and talked about all the progress that has been made over his term, and how we’ve all done it together, which […]

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Seth Meyers Tells the Media 'Get Your Sh*T Together & Stephen Colbert Tells the Alt Right 'Grow the F*CK Up'

Seth Meyers had a message for anyone in the media attempting to normalize the Alt-Right white supremacists… “Get Your Shit Together”.  Seth Meyers went on to say that just because the Alt-Right prefers to be called the Alt-Right instead of white supremacists doesn’t mean we have to call them that.  “Calling Nazis and white supremacists the […]

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