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Seth Meyers Tells the Media 'Get Your Sh*T Together & Stephen Colbert Tells the Alt Right 'Grow the F*CK Up'

Seth Meyers had a message for anyone in the media attempting to normalize the Alt-Right white supremacists… “Get Your Shit Together”.  Seth Meyers went on to say that just because the Alt-Right prefers to be called the Alt-Right instead of white supremacists doesn’t mean we have to call them that.  “Calling Nazis and white supremacists the […]

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Hail Trump! The Alt-Right Is the New Face of the Neo-Nazis

This week white supremacists did their annual meet up in D.C. where they were greeted by the Alt Right leader Richard Spencer. Richard greeted them with “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” which was met with loud cheering with many of the attendees doing the Nazi salute. It’s the single scariest thing I’ve seen […]

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