Voter fraud is a lie, voter suppression is alive!

For years now republicans have been spinning the yarn that voter fraud is real and happens every election cycle. They like to claim that undocumented persons are voting at an alarming rate. One only has to turn on the TV to hear Trump and his minions claim that 3 million people voted illegally. Well I have a news flash for you. Its all bunk. Not a shred of it is true. Not at the rates they claim anyway.

For the record in the 2016 election they only found 4 cases of voter fraud. 3 of them were Trump supporters. One of which voted twice because Trump told them too.

Look folks, you’ve been lied to. Voter fraud largely is a lie. There is no massive voter fraud that affects the outcome of elections. A study was done recently of a billion votes cast. There were 25 cases of in person voter fraud. Most were accidental. Including a mother who mailed her daughters provisional ballot not knowing that her daughter had in fact voted early. The woman turned herself in and paid a small fine.

What is real, and is happening in many primarily conservative states, is voter suppression. What is voter suppression? Well it’s rather simple. Any law or regulation that is passed that makes it more difficult for people to vote is voter suppression.

Voter ID laws are the biggest example. States like Texas have enacted strict voter ID laws. Where they will take a drivers license or gun permit, but not a student ID. Voter ID laws are basically states enacting a poll tax. Something that has been illegal 1964. And before you start arguing it is effectively a tax to vote. As in that in can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get a state issued ID. This disproportionately affects poor people and students as well as the elderly.

That’s not all. Several states have also restricted early voting, canceled it outright, and eliminated same day voter registration. Voter suppression is a tactic used by republicans to ensure that they win elections. Because the data shows that democrats win when more people vote. And since these laws affect minorities, college students, and the elderly, the republicans victory is assured.

Another tactic they use is Inter-State Cross Check. What this program does is very simple. Let’s use Texas and Florida for an example. The two State’s Attorney’s will get together and compare their voter registration rolls. Any names that match or are similar will be removed from the rolls. Using the assumption that it is the same person. Because as we all know, there can’t possibly be more than one John Smith in the US, and he would never name his son after him thus creating a John Smith Jr.

Inter-State Cross Check specifically targets ethnic sounding names. It is just plain wrong to use this process. In fact when republicans spout out people being registered in more than one state they forget to mention that included Steve Bannon and Ivanka Trump. Just because some one is registered in two states doesn’t mean they are voting in two states.

Remember Donald Trump won Wisconsin by a little over 27,000 votes. Yet 300,000 voters were turned away for “improper ID.” How much are you willing to bet that affected the outcome of that state alone?

The simplest way to fix the voter registration problems is automatic voter registration. You have to register for the draft at the age of 18. When you do so you should also automatically be registered to vote. If not that, then reinstate same day voter registration allowing people to vote. Stop blocking minorities from voting.and why not have voting by mail? Several states allow this already and it ensures that every registered voter has the opportunity to vote. Where is the harm in this? There isn’t any of course but republicans would think of some excuse because it would mean a loss of power to them in the long run.

In reality we simply need to encourage our friends and neighbors to vote in every election.  It isn’t must the presidential election that is important. There are the midterm elections as well as state and local jurisdiction voting. They are all important and it’s high time the people got involved. -MW

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