Republicans release their replacement for the ACA, hilarity ensues.

So house republicans revealed their plan to replace the ACA. They’re calling it the American Healthcare Act. Personally, I’m calling it a steaming pile of horse manure. It’s total crap.

The AHA will cause 24 million people to lose their healthcare. It is estimated that 17 thousand people may die in the first year alone due to a loss of coverage. Even prominent republicans are against it. Look, we all knew it was going to be crap. But Trumpcare is even worse than we could have expected. It takes what were some really great subsidies for less fortunate folks and instead offers tax credits that will cost Americans thousands of dollars in additional health related expenses.

I’ve long been an advocate for a single payer system. We are the only major nation that does not have one. And let’s face reality here. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was not perfect. But it was working. The only viable solution to move forward with healthcare reform is to go to a single payer system. Also known as universal healthcare. It is the only way folks.

What’s perhaps more interesting is that republicans have been running against the ACA for 6 years. They retook congress using it. Yet in 6 years this is the absolutely best plan they could come up with. I could come up with a better healthcare plan in my sleep.  They didn’t even try here. I truly believe they were just using it to get votes. And remember they never thought they would take the White House. So in all reality even though they hold both houses of congress, they figured Hillary would just veto any repeal of the law and they could use that to garner votes as well.

But once Trump won it put them in a bad spot. They know that they don’t have a better plan than the ACA. It is after all a republican plan in the first place. Not to mention they fooled their own voting base into thinking that they had something different in Obamacare. A vast majority of republican voters didn’t even know that the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing. So sad.

Now town hall meetings all over the country are being over run by people telling republican congress members to do their job and make sure they don’t lose their healthcare coverage. Oddly enough Trump himself has been rather quiet about this issue. He’s made a few brief statements about it yet has offered no real support of the measure.

The American people want healthcare reform. They don’t want to lose their healthcare. They don’t want to pay thousands more per year for it than they are currently.  They don’t want to see themselves bankrupted over the rising cost of healthcare while congress still gets their gold standard free health insurance that we the American people pay for.

Republicans sit in their seats of power and talk down to people. Yet when it came down to brass tax, and they had to offer an actual solution to the problem that does not exist in the ACA, they whiffed it. They threw a massive wobbler. Their plan is shit. It will kill people.  It will bankrupt countless families.

This is one of those things we have to fight about folks. Call your members of congress and tell them you wish them to vote against this disastrous piece of legislation. Stay woke people. -MW

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