Let's talk about Jeff Sessions.

Attorney’s General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is in hot water here lately. Turns out he perjured himself at his senate confirmation hearings. He was asked as most of you know by now what he would do if he learned there had been ties with Russians by Trump campaign officials. He claimed to have no knowledge of that happening. What’s interesting is that he then said, unasked, that he himself had not met with Russian officials in the course of the election.  We now know this is an outright lie. In fact he met with the Russian ambassador twice. Once in his senate office.

Sessions along with other prominent republicans including Cheeto Jesus, have been defending him to the moon and back saying he didn’t commit perjury. In fact he did. Their argument is that he said that he didn’t talk about the campaign with the Russian ambassador. The reason its perjury is because that’s not what he said. He didn’t say that he had met with the ambassador for government reasons and didn’t talk about the campaign he said he’d never met with a Russian official. That is perjury and there is no other way to define it. Especially since the question they say wasn’t even about whether he had met with a Russian official.

Trump of course has “total confidence’ in Sessions. And is in fact angry that Sessions has recused himself from any investigations into Russian interference in our election. This doesn’t bode well. In fact several prominent democrats have called for Sessions to resign, he probably will eventually as this story is not going away.

What is also interesting is that Sessions is on the record saying that all persons who commit perjury should be prosecuted. This leads further into my theory that all republicans are hypocrites. The rules don’t apply to them. The rules are for everyone else.

So please folks, don’t buy into the hype. Sessions lied. There is no other way to spin this that wouldn’t make you too a liar. This was a big lie. Sessions should be forced to resign and prosecuted by congress for perjury. That part almost certainly won’t happen. But a man can dream right? -MW

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