Donald's latest shenanigans.

Last night Trump gave his first address to congress. It was what you might expect. They clearly gave him his zanax before he went on. He read quite poorly from a teleprompter. He over enunciated and mispronounced countless words. Overall it was the Donald we saw on the campaign after he’d been given a spanking by co-president Bannon.

Trump spoke of the republican idea of immigration reform. With no mention of the undoubtedly thousands of people who have already been ripped from their families. The wall is apparently still on.  Still no word how Mexico is going to pay for it so we don’t have too.

Last night he also spoke of an infrastructure plan that will cost around $1 trillion dollars. While I think this is a great thing, I find it completely hypocritical that republicans are backing this when as recent as a month ago democrats proposed a similar bill that the republicans said we couldn’t afford. Its also amusing that we could not afford infrastructure under the Obama Administration either. But now that republicans have total control its suddenly affordable.

I’ve been saying for about 3 years now to anyone that would listen that republicans want infrastructure bills to pass. It’s a fact that hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created that will last for a decade or more. It is absolutely something they can get behind. They want it. Their voters want it. But as I’ve made the point over and over, they wouldn’t allow a bill to go forward until a republican held the presidency so they could claim a political victory.

It is this kind of partisan nonsense that is destroying our country. No longer are elected republicans doing what’s best for the country. But only what is best for their party. And what is best for the party has become only opposing the democrats. It brought them power in 2010, 2012, 2014, and again in 2016. They have accomplished nothing yet continue to get votes by saying it’s not us, it’s the democrats that are mucking things up.

Republicans with Trump in power are having a grand ol’ time pushing through every partisan piece of legislation they have wanted for decades but could never get through. I honestly miss George W Bush at this point. At least he wasn’t crazy. There’s more to come folks. I haven’t given up. I have more information to give you and it will be coming soon. Stay tuned for more. And above all get involved and stay woke! -MW

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