So much is happening it truly is hard to keep up.

So far in the 4th week with popular vote loser Donald J Trump as president a whole lot has happened. Let’s start with the easy stuff. Director of National Intelligence Michael Flynn resigned amidst mounting evidence that he not only violated the Logan Act of 1799 which prohibits private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. While this law does in fact exist, only one person has ever been indicted under the act but no one has ever been prosecuted for it. Flynn also reportedly lied to the FBI about his phone call to the Russian ambassador to the US.

The kicker is that it has been since proven that Trump and potentially Pence knew of this for at least the two weeks prior to his resignation. Even allowing him to make important policy statements in the interim. don’t fall for Trump’s lies about how Flynn was mistreated by the media.

What’s more interesting is that congressional republicans seem to have no inclination to investigate this as a crime. Or even hold hearings no less. And certainly not to hold a select committee like they did with Benghazi. The Russia connection is real folks. Not only did Hillary warn us, I myself wrote an article 2 months ago calling Trump, Putin’s puppet.

Also in this week of Trump, Andrew Puzder withdrew himself for consideration as labor secretary amidst allegation of spousal abuse from his first marriage and the fact that he admitted to hiring an undocumented housekeeper. This is great news because as the CEO of CKE restaurants the parent company of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr, he doesn’t believe in raising the minimum wage or even support unions. So good riddance to bad rubbish.

The government ethics office sent notice to the Trump administration recommending disciplinary action be taken against presidential advisor Kellyanne “Goebbels” Conway for her advertisement of Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessory lines on national television last week. No word whether that will happen but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Finally, (I think) Trump held a weird press conference. Where he came off angrier than any president in my memory. Claiming he “inherited a mess,” and blaming the media for not covering him favorably. Trump is living in a world where he seems to think he’s still a celebrity. He doesn’t seem to grasp the job of being president. Trump is acting like the bully in hate sandbox. He doesn’t play well with others.  He can’t handle criticism. And while I applaud the media standing up to him now, where in the blue f#@& were they for the last 18 months while he was running the clown show of a campaign.

It’s clear that Trump doesn’t really want this job. So one has to wonder why he doesn’t just resign already and that way he can play golf everyday and not cost us $3 million dollars every time he runs off to his “winter white house.” And where in the hell is Melania? Oh right she’s still in NYC costing the tax payers millions of dollars a day so she can still go shopping. -MW

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