So here's a genuine question, is trump OK?

So I am aware that the press conference happened last Thursday. And maybe I’m a little late to the party, but I like to think about things before I open my mouth. I’m sitting here thinking about what I heard and frankly watching it again so as not to miss anything important. Frankly, that press conference was a shit show. It was mostly hot air, with a bit of rhetoric, sprinkled with “bigly” phrases the president loves to use.

I’ll break some of it down here for you. Honestly I’m far from qualified to actually diagnose what I’ve seen from this president. So let’s start with the most obvious problem with this press conference. Trump attacking the media once again. In a room full of reporters he called them all dishonest. Said they were doing a disservice to the American people. All except Fox and Friends. Because they kiss his ass so hard id be surprised if their breath didn’t smell like feces. It might be funny of course if he wasn’t the president of the nation. But he is in fact president. Much to my own personal dismay.

The media is not the enemy of the people. They are the only thing between us and the total misinformation propaganda being spewed by the Trump administration.  While I truly wish the media had stood up to him before the election, better late than never I suppose.

In this conference he spoke about the Dakota Access Pipeline, and Keystone XL. He falsely claims thousands of jobs will be created. That was debunked years ago. The number republicans like to use is 25,000 jobs building these pipelines, when it would far more likely be around 6,500 temporary jobs. With at most a couple of hundred permanent jobs maintaining and inspecting the pipeline. What’s more important is that these pipelines are being built on a mixture of private lands and sovereign Native American territory. There will be many private landowners who will have their land stripped from them using eminent domain. Furthermore, Native American tribes are very much against the theft of their lands. In fact it would be a violation of treaties to take tribal lands for this purpose with out Native permission.

It should also be noted that the Keystone XL will go directly over the Ogallala Aquifer. This is the nations largest fresh water aquifer. Around 30% of the ground water used for farm irrigation in this country comes from the Ogallala Aquifer. It also supplies drinking water to about 82% of the 2.5 million people who live within the High Plains area.

The DAPL would travel either under or over the Missouri River. Also a fresh water supply for millions of people. If either of these pipelines were to have a catastrophic failure at these points the results would absolutely disastrous.

It should also be noted that Trump had/has stock in the company that is building DAPL. He claims to have sold off said stock but has given no evidence of this.

Trump also spoke of our military as if we have an equivalent military to that of say Saint Kitts and Nevis. We have by far the strongest military in the world. With a budget of $597 billion dollars and an active duty force of 1.3 million service members, we have the ability to dominate. There are 440 ships in our Navy, the Army has thousands of ships, we have thousands of military aircraft. Without getting into too great a detail we have the ability and the personnel behind it to own the air, water, and the ground in a combat situation. We do not under any circumstances have a weak military.

Trump also spoke at great length of how he is “winning.” Reality check time. The nation is in turmoil. More than 60% of the people disapprove of the current administration. Immigrants are being detained. Families are being ripped apart. Congress is busy trying to pass bills that the people don’t want. Far right members of congress have introduced bills that would abolish the EPA, and the Department of Education. This president is in way over his head and has no clue what is happening around him. The White House is leaking like a sieve. Town Hall meetings are turning into shout fests.

Meanwhile the resistance is still on.  If you haven’t joined us yet the time is now. A great resource has been made available in you can go to this website and find out where local direct action campaigns are taking place. This may include sit-ins, protests, and marches. I highly recommend using this tool and getting involved. Take the fight to the streets and never ever back down. We have to insure that the republicans know that this is a very short term victory. We fully intend to insure that at most Trump is a one term president. And that the days of republicans holding our nation hostage via the House and the Senate’s days are numbered. -MW

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