Larry Wilmore gave an EPIC smack down to Milo!

Infamous conservative douchebag Milo of late from Breitbart, went on Bill Maher on Friday and gave a bunch of right wing talking points. But the smack down came later on the Overtime segment held on YouTube where viewers submit questions. During the panel discussion Milo made the grave error of calling Wilmore and former super spy Malcom Nance stupid. It was at this point that Wilmore delivered an epic tongue lashing to the conservative twat waffle. Here is the video.

It should also be noted that Milo was forced out of Breitbart and from being the keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference, for his comments defending sexual acts with minors. I would also add that Milo made comments degrading transgendered people as mentally ill. And his interview with Maher was particularly disturbing as well. Hope you enjoyed this. -MW


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