Anyone Notice How Quiet Jill $tein Is All of a Sudden?

One of the most annoying things about the election was watching all the third party candidates and their followers viciously attacked Hillary.  It wasn’t just a little criticism… but full on lies something more along the lines of what Fox News has done for years which is make up fake scandals.  These third parties were loud and consistant in attacking Hillary.  Now that Trump is President and literally stands for everything that the third parties supposedly were fighting for where are they.  They are oddly quiet.  Especially the worst one Jill $tein.  It’s almost like she took that money and ran.

Well one person who didn’t forget about her was Rachel Maddow and last week when she was on Viceland she made a shocking observation.

First Maddow brought up the now-infamous picture of Michael Flynn sitting at a table with Vladimir Putin and points out the other person in the picture.  Brace yourself….. the other person in the picture sitting at the table is Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

What is Jill Stein doing at a dinner with Putin.  She’s not even an elected official and I’d like to point out that the liberal party of Russia views Stein as an accomplice with Putin.

Maddow goes on to say: “So everybody’s like, ‘Wow, how come this like super, super aggressive opposition that we saw from these third-party candidates — how come they haven’t said anything since this scandal has broken?’” Maddow said.

“I don’t know, Jill! I can’t pronounce it in Russian!” Maddow said sarcastically. “Hope you’re really psyched about you Wisconsin vote totals!”

Talk about how much Russia F*cked us this election.  They probably funded Stein or get her motivated enough to run against Hillary basically recreating the whole Nader, Gore Bush scenario where Republican PACs basically funded Nader.  Proving once again that if you don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.


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