With BuzzFeed releasing unsubstantiated reports of Donald Trump’s alleged sexual proclivities the internet is on fire. As is Mr. Trump. I would like to attack this from  a slightly different angle than most have taken. I would like to talk about the implications of the alleged revelation.

Unlike some pundits, I don’t really care whether or not Trump likes to be urinated on. What he does in the privacy of his bedroom is his own business. Prostitutes are another issue entirely, but I will save that for another time. What is important to think about is Donald’s response to the allegations, and what led up to them.

These reports have been around for some time. The FBI was aware of them, as were a multitude of other intelligence agencies. News agencies were even aware of this dossier. The FBI was asked to comment on whether or not there was truth to Russian officials having dirt on Trump. Director James Comey replied that the FBI does not issue statements regarding ongoing investigations. This is true of course only if they do not pertain to Secretary Clinton.

What really needs to be discussed, is why these allegations among the others were not disclosed to the voting public before election day? It may not have mattered to the mass of deplorables that intended to vote for him no matter what, but it stands to reason that if the people had a right to know about a totally legal email server, then we have a right to know about illegal prostitutes and other alleged transgressions.

What I also find interesting is Trump’s lack of a denial. Yelling and screaming, tweeting and acting like a buffoon are all well known Trump qualities. But calling a story fake news is not a denial of facts. Nor is attacking venerated news reporters a denial of facts. Just a few days before Donald didn’t even believe in fake news. Now CNN is fake news as is BuzzFeed. Figure that one out.

Trump is nothing more than a petulant child trapped in a cheeto costume. Again I don’t think it matters if he likes to get urinated on. I do think its important that when you ask us to treat you with respect as the leader of the free world, you goddamned well act like you deserve it. -MW


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