Donald J Trump, you're fired!?

With everything that is surrounding the Groper in Chief here lately, one has to wonder if the republicans only put up with him long enough to get him impeached. I know that this seems like a conspiracy but let me lay out some details for you.

Trump has been the center of scandal after scandal since announcing his bid for the presidency. Now that he is just 3 days from being inaugurated those scandals aren’t going anywhere, in fact they seem to be multiplying at an exponential rate.

From calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers, to banning all Muslims from entering the US, to calling for a Muslim registry, criticizing the media, being crass and disrespectful to women, picking on handicapped people, calling opponents names, twitter, and attacking the heads of our intelligence community, there has been no shortage of political gaffs and scandal. Let us also not forget “Trump University,” the civil trial of an alleged rape victim, and countless claims of sexual assault.

One has to wonder why republicans put up with all of this nonsense. Well I have a theory. My theory is that they had no real candidates running. No one to really stand behind. This is a false ideal obviously, John Kasich would have been an excellent candidate had he been a little more vocal and obnoxious. But being the only adult in the room these days doesn’t pay off. So since they had no real candidate running they put all their money behind Trump. Why you ask? Its simple. Mike Pence. Mike Pence is everything the republicans love. He hates big government, women, minorities, and LGBT people. He thinks Christianity should be the law of the land.

Having allowed Trump to ascend to the hypothetical throne, they are simply lying in wait so they can impeach him and have Mike Pence be the president. This is terrifying in its own right. But I have every faith that at least we wouldn’t go down in flames over a twitter tantrum. But it also leads to a tangential part of my theory.

Republican voters got conned. Not just by the popular vote LOSER Trump, but by the republican party. They have zero intention of allowing Trump to end the world as we know it. Only to use him as the tool that he is to get what they want.

Am I wrong?? Only time will tell. Stay frosty my friends. -MW

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